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Getting divorced in the UK but the spouse is living abroad

How to get a divorce after the spouse left the UK with no intention to come back? Both consent to the divorce but the spouse living abroad can't afford to travel.

united-kingdom divorce  
user avatar asked by Victor Basso Score of 1
user avatar answered by Traveller Score of 1

Can I apply for a green card without my employer's help?

I am working in the United States on an H1B visa. My employer doesn't want to sponsor me for a green card. Is there any way I can apply for the green card by myself? Is there any such category? I have ...

usa greencard h1-visa  
user avatar asked by Jay Score of 1
user avatar answered by user102008 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I lose my US citizenship for accepting employment with a foreign government?

In my US passport, there's a section entitled "Important Information" located just before the visa pages. Item number 13 deals with circumstances in which one might lose their US citizenship (emphasis ...

usa us-citizens citizenship foreign-employment  
user avatar asked by Tim Post Score of 42

Format of settlement statement - NSNP

I am applying for Canada immigration under NOVA SCOTIA demand - express entry program. To seek a nomination from this province, I need to write the statement of intent in my application form. Do we ...

canada immigration  
user avatar asked by overexchange Score of 2
user avatar answered by mkennedy Score of 3

How do countries access criminal information from foreign citizens?

One of the requirements that most (all?) countries have for issuing a work permit is that the applicant does not have a criminal record. On the other hand, I suppose nations do not open the criminal ...

working-visas criminal-records immigration  
user avatar asked by Otavio Macedo Score of 17
user avatar answered by Mark Mayo Score of 13

Can I get a NI number from abroad?

I will be turning 16 soon, I am a British citizen but I have never lived there. I want to be able to receive a National Insurance Number to work in the UK when I am older. Most people in the UK are ...

united-kingdom uk-citizens  
user avatar asked by Miles Score of 11
user avatar answered by Matteo Score of 5

How long submitted DS-160 is valid?

I am working in USA under H1B. I am from India. My H1B has recently extended. I am planning to visit India in February 2017. I have to go to for visa stamping since my H1B is expired. I am wondering ...

user avatar asked by Babu Score of 2
user avatar answered by Giorgio Score of 3

Work for a Canadian company, but reside legally in the US

My current employer is offering the option of working remotely with a corporate restructuring this summer. As someone that is starting to get pretty tired of Canada's cold winter, I was looking to ...

usa visa canadian-citizens employment  
user avatar asked by canadiancreed Score of 4

Ambiguous question in visa application: Have you lived for at least two years in the country where you are applying visa?

I'm applying for an visa in India and got this question in their online registration form with a yes/no answer: Have you lived for at least two years in the country where you are applying visa? ...

visa india language  
user avatar asked by solarc Score of 12
user avatar answered by user16259 Score of 8
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