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Top new questions this week:

Since when has Germany allowed naturalization in other EU countries without loss of German citizenship?

Germany now allows its citizens to acquire the citizenship of other EU countries without losing their German citizenship. For how long has this been the case?

germany eu dual-citizenship german-citizens  
asked by Karl Wilhem 4 votes
answered by Mark Johnson 3 votes

Did application for Irish citizenship (before 2007) via foreign birth registration cause loss of German citizenship?

German citizenship was generally lost (in the absence of a permit to retain it or the 2007 changes in the law) when a foreign nationality was applied for and received. Specifically, naturalization in ...

germany dual-citizenship ireland german-citizens  
asked by Karl Wilhelm 2 votes
answered by Mark Johnson 0 votes

UK Immigration Exit Rules

I'm currently working in UK with Tier-2 ICT visa, Can I stay for 3 or 4 days after my visa got expired in order to close my UK bank account, clear dues and finishing personal things if any?

united-kingdom immigration  
asked by Kumar 2 votes
answered by Traveller 3 votes

Do countries keep a register of entry and departure of its own citizens?

I'm going back to my country (Brazil) for a week and then I'll go back to Europe. I'd like to know if my country keeps a register of my entries and departures. I'm not considering passport stamps, ...

asked by Henrique Andrade 1 vote
answered by Mark Johnson 0 votes

Interests on "caution deposit" for rental in Germany

Does the tenant of a flat have any rights on the interests matured on the "caution deposit" or do they belong to the landlord? If yes, according to what percentage should the interests be calculated?

germany taxes banking international-law  
asked by Zyl 1 vote
answered by Ex Patriot 2 votes

Compulsory professional malpractice insurance (for tax consultants) in Germany

In Germany, does a "compulsory malpractice insurance" exists for tax advisors to protect their clients from financial ramifications in case of mistakes? In many European countries such compulsory ...

germany taxes insurance  
asked by Zyl 1 vote
answered by Mark Johnson 0 votes

How long does a Dutch family immigration application take?

My wife, who is a Dutch national, has applied for my immigration in the Netherlands. I am from Pakistan and am waiting for the process to complete while studying for the Dutch Civic integration ...

resident-permit netherlands  
asked by Syed Kazim 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does an Australia ETA (subclass 601) or eVisitor (subclass 651) visa ever have a no further stay condition?

We are planning to return to Australia and I was wondering if the ETA (subclass 601) or eVisitor (subclass 651) can have the "no further stay" condition attached (as could be the case with Work & ...

visa working-visas australia  
asked by Chris 3 votes

Open a Canadian bank account without being present in Canada?

What are the ways for a non-resident to open a Canadian bank account—preferably without fees—without being physically present in Canada? I know many (but not all) Canadian banks allow non-residents ...

canada banking financial  
asked by Psychonaut 5 votes
answered by yms 5 votes

How to find a job in New Zealand or Australia without work visa?

Employers will offer Job only if I have Work Visa, I can get Work visa only if I have valid offer letter. I am in this deadlock situation. I am from India having 4 years of experience in IT ...

working-visas australia employment new-zealand  
asked by Gopal 5 votes
answered by lambshaanxy 4 votes

How long does it take to get the registration certificate or residence card as the family member of a European Economic Area?

Do you know how long does it take to get the "registration certificate or residence card as the family member of a European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national" I have collected very useful ...

asked by MariaCV 9 votes
answered by ICS Legal 4 votes

Can an EU resident work anywhere in the EU?

I'm not in this situation, but I'm just wondering. I know EU citizens have the right to work/live in any EU country, but is it the same if you just have residency from an EU country?

eu residency  
asked by Minocqua 8 votes
answered by vartec 15 votes

In the Netherlands, can I be taxed on savings I have from my country of origin?

In a strictly hypothetical situation where I had a reasonable sum of money in savings in the UK (my country of origin), and I had moved to the Netherlands, would the Dutch government require me to ...

taxes netherlands financial  
asked by Kaz Dragon 11 votes

How do I renew a USA drivers license if I am as US citizen living abroad with no state address (last address Texas)

I have looked at the government websites ( and seen the requirements but as a US citizen who has passed their drivers test, why is there no standard US ...

asked by leslie denby 6 votes
answered by David Segonds 8 votes

Can you answer this question?

Radio tax already paid by landlord still getting paper to pay

I am living in Berlin for past one year. I was living in a shared apartment for 7-8 months. Then my landlord was paying radio tax for us. He gave me the number for it. I entered that here along with ...

germany taxes  
asked by Johnykutty 1 vote
answered by Mark Johnson 0 votes
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