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Top new questions this week:

Can I work in Wallonia and live in Brussels?

I am a non-EU student at a German university and I will be doing an internship in a company in Wallonia (Belgium). Can I look for accommodation anywhere in Belgium (for example, Brussels) or do I need ...

asked by anonymous_expat 2 votes
answered by Willeke 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can a non-EU citizen with a EU partner live and work in the EU?

I'm a South African citizen and have been in a relationship with a Polish girl for 8 years. We have been living in South Africa most of this time - over 6 years now - but we would like to move to ...

eu working-visas south-african-citizens  
asked by skepticscript 10 votes
answered by Gala 13 votes

Leaving Australia as a dual national but without an Australian passport

My children and I will soon be Australian dual nationals. My wife insists that some of her friends in a similar situation have never bothered applying for Australian passports for their kids: instead, ...

passport dual-citizenship australian-citizens  
asked by lambshaanxy 7 votes
answered by lambshaanxy 2 votes

Is it possible to become a policeman in Germany as a non-citizen?

Are non-citizens allowed to become police officers in Germany? Are there any restrictions? Are there any advantages for EU-citizens?

germany eu-citizens  
asked by Dirty-flow 15 votes
answered by Rafael Winterhalter 9 votes

UK EEA Family permit refused for spouse - reapply or appeal

My wife applied for EEA family permit for coming to join me in UK. She is from India and I also lived in India before coming to UK. I acquired my Portuguese nationality and then came to UK in July ...

united-kingdom visa eu refusal  
asked by Abubakkar 10 votes
answered by phoog 8 votes

How can I "legalize" my US car in Mexico?

I have a US-licensed vehicle, currently in Mexico, and with a temporary import permit (meaning as long as my residency status is valid, my car is also legal in Mexico). What must I do to legally ...

asked by Flimzy 9 votes
answered by Rob Hoare 8 votes

How can my non-EU citizen wife settle with me in the UK?

I am an EU citizen, married to non-EU citizen. We currently live in the Caribbean and are planning on moving shortly to London. What will I have to do to enable my wife to accompany, and stay with ...

united-kingdom immigration eu-citizens eu-spouses  
asked by Maciej 6 votes
answered by phoog 8 votes

How can an EU citizen (Belgium) move to the US?

Barring marriage, how can one move to the US? I've been looking into it and the E3 visa for "skilled, professional and unskilled workers" is for Australian citizens only. I'm asking for a Belgian ...

usa visa eu-citizens eu belgium  
asked by abintra 6 votes
answered by David Segonds 7 votes
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