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Top new questions this week:

Just lost my job in France with a "salarie en mission" visa

So I was brought over from Canada for a job in Annecy, France. The employment contract that I have is with a french company. I have a residency permit with a "salarie en mission" type visa. This type ...

asked by Ardi Sardashti 3 votes
answered by Relaxed 1 vote

What do I do if my Recepisse is about to expire and I still haven't recieved my carte de sejour?

My récipissé is about to expire in 2 weeks but I still haven't received my carte de séjour. Is there any way to check the status online? I applied from Paris (Cité) and I haven't had any response. Or ...

visa resident-permit france  
asked by user1814061 2 votes
answered by Relaxed 0 votes

Niederlassungserlaubnis validity on staying abroad longer than 6 months in a year

I have a niederlassungserlaubnis (permament residency) in Germany. As I like travelling. I go abroad a lot for vacation purposes. I know that staying abroad for more than 6 month in a row, makes your ...

germany residency  
asked by CuriousTraveller 2 votes
answered by jason.kaisersmith 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Spouse visa with long stay student residence permit in France

Does a VLS/TS long stay residence permit issued for a student (not research scholar), grant rights to bring his/her partner into France? If so, is the partner allowed to work? Please mention if this ...

france resident-permit student-visa schengen students  
asked by toing_toing 4 votes

Does an Australia ETA (subclass 601) or eVisitor (subclass 651) visa ever have a no further stay condition?

We are planning to return to Australia and I was wondering if the ETA (subclass 601) or eVisitor (subclass 651) can have the "no further stay" condition attached (as could be the case with Work & ...

visa working-visas australia  
asked by Chris 3 votes

Format of settlement statement - NSNP

I am applying for Canada immigration under NOVA SCOTIA demand - express entry program. To seek a nomination from this province, I need to write the statement of intent in my application form. Do we ...

canada immigration  
asked by overexchange 2 votes
answered by mkennedy 3 votes

What are the advantages of having a biometric resident permit (BRP) rather than just a visa sticker on the passport?

I recently found out that in the UK, there is this card called the biometric resident permit (BRP), which I suppose functions like the visa sticker on the passport. Since I do not have a BRP, is it ...

united-kingdom resident-permit  
asked by adipro 6 votes
answered by oskarpearson 4 votes

Do Romanian citizens need a work permit for the UK?

As of 2015 January, do Romanian citizens need to apply for a work permit to be able to work in the UK? Note: I am aware that work permits were needed in the past, and this requirement was meant to be ...

united-kingdom romanian-citizens  
asked by Calu 3 votes
answered by JensenDrake44 7 votes

Experience Reference Letter for ACS Skill Assessment (for 189 type Visa)

I am planning to apply for Australian PR and the 1st step I got to do is "ACS Skill Assessment" by uploading my PASSPORT, DEGREE CERTIFICATE and WORK EXPERIENCE LETTER. My question is regarding Work ...

immigration australia skilled-migration  
asked by befocused47 9 votes
answered by Matas Vaitkevicius 5 votes

How to read I-797c form (notice of action for H1B)

I am an Indian citizen and currently a resident of France (on Scientific/D visa until 30/04/2015). A university in the USA that hired me as a faculty recently petitioned for an H1B for me. I received ...

usa h1-visa foreign-employment  
asked by dearN 2 votes
answered by Karlson 3 votes

Can you answer this question?

What is the time frame for moving to Aus after being approved for Visa 476 (skilled-recognised graduate visa)?

You have to apply for Visa 476 within 2 years of graduating from university but the processing times as shown on the website are: 75% of applications: 15 months 90% of applications: 17 months So ...

united-kingdom working-visas australia  
asked by FEA42 1 vote
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