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Top new questions this week:

Entry into France

I have obtained a French work visa (type D) with a start date of 1 June 2022 but I have already entered Europe via Finland in the middle of May, using my Australian passport which allows me to be here ...

visa france  
asked by Ben Score of 5
answered by Relaxed Score of 2

How do I exempt Canadian tax from a good that arrives in Canada, way before my return to Ontario after > 7 days away?

Daughter is a Canadian citizen, but now in England. She shall not fly back to Canada until October 2022, at the earliest. To take advantage of a clearance sale in England β€” she bought a sofa made in ...

canada taxes  
asked by user Score of 2
answered by mkennedy Score of 4

Ulpan class for non-Jews?

SmartAsset says: The course, known as an Ulpan, is an intensive, five-month process. It’s designed to help you to assimilate into the Israeli lifestyle as well as master the Hebrew language. The ...

language israel  
asked by WGroleau Score of 1

What coastal ports in Norway ship to Toronto, Canada? Disregard Oslo

My sister needs to ship choses in possession from Ikornnes (Western Norway) to Toronto (Canada) β€” like her pricey sofa, mattress, office chair β€” all made in Norway! Obviously it wastes fuel and ...

canada norway shipping  
asked by user Score of 1
answered by littleadv Score of 5

Do I need to apply for Portuguese residency visa in UK or Portugal when married to Portuguese citizen?

I am planning to move with my husband from the UK to Portugal, I am a UK citizen and my husband of 11 years is Portuguese and we have 2 children with duel citizenship. Do I need to apply for a visa ...

eu-spouses residence-cards portugal  
asked by Katie Gomes Score of 1
answered by Mark Johnson Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Format of settlement statement - NSNP

I am applying for Canada immigration under NOVA SCOTIA demand - express entry program. To seek a nomination from this province, I need to write the statement of intent in my application form. Do we ...

canada immigration  
asked by overexchange Score of 2
answered by mkennedy Score of 3

Which EU territories outside Europe does an EU citizen have right of residence in?

Several EU countries such as the UK, France and Netherlands have territories and dependencies outside of Europe. Examples include many islands in the Caribbean, Falkland Islands, Tahiti, and so on. ...

eu eu-citizens  
asked by Rob Hoare Score of 22
answered by Gala Score of 15

Driver's license, UK, change of address

In a word, what is (really) required in practice, when changing address for a UK driver's license? Consider, say, the situation where in the UK you are (genuinely) "living at a friend's house," or ...

united-kingdom driving-license uk-citizens paperwork  
asked by Fattie Score of 4
answered by Gagravarr Score of 3

EEA family permit & EEA National Registration Certificate Number

Good day all. I am polish national living in UK. My wife is about to apply for an EEA FP to join me. In the application they ask for my EEA National Registration Certificate Number, I do not have ...

united-kingdom immigration eu eu-citizens eu-spouses  
asked by Maciej Score of 3
answered by phoog Score of 3

Leaving Australia as a dual national but without an Australian passport

My children and I will soon be Australian dual nationals. My wife insists that some of her friends in a similar situation have never bothered applying for Australian passports for their kids: instead, ...

passport dual-citizenship australian-citizens  
asked by lambshaanxy Score of 7

Is Green card priority date based on place of birth or citizenship?

As an Indian citizen, just wondering if its faster that I move to Denmark, stay for 9 years and get Danish citizenship. From there move to US on H1B and convert to green card. This would be faster ...

usa greencard indian-citizens  
asked by anonposter Score of 12
answered by littleadv Score of 12

How do countries access criminal information from foreign citizens?

One of the requirements that most (all?) countries have for issuing a work permit is that the applicant does not have a criminal record. On the other hand, I suppose nations do not open the criminal ...

working-visas criminal-records immigration  
asked by Otavio Macedo Score of 16
answered by Mark Mayo Score of 11
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