I'm currently looking for an apartment in London and it occurred to me that there are websites that can provide information for tenants-to-be about a specific location or area based on postcode (or general location) alone.

What information can I find out about a potential future apartment based on its location (postcode), in regards to bills and other expenses and quality of life overall?

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  • Some of the online property websites will pull in lots of this data and display it for you. You can also get stuff about public transport, nearby shops and restaurants etc – Gagravarr Jan 20 '17 at 5:57

Some websites that contain useful information and have a postcode-based search:

  • StreetCheck provides some good info about the area, in terms of housing types, demographics, crime, broadband quality and others.
  • Check My Postcode similarly provides street view, census information and a short summary.
  • mycounciltax.org.uk can show the Council Tax amount for a given postcode.
  • Metropolitan Police provides crime rate per area.
  • uSwitch and broadband.co.uk seem to provide information about internet providers for a given postcode.
  • London Air displays realtime pollution levels per location.
  • Locrating shows the nearest schools (with ratings).

Don't forget good old Google Street View to check the area with your own eyes. Google maps will also show you nearby public transport facilities, and to a limited extent, shops, restaurants etc.

Just go to Google Maps, enter "London + postal code" like London W6 7LU:

enter image description here

Then click on that bottom left picture to enter Street View:

enter image description here

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