Currently, I am a PhD student in structural engineering. I am going to graduate this September, hopefully, and I am looking for job at the same time.

I do not consider myself to be an academician, so I decided to find job in an engineering firm.

I am interested in working in Canada, since I heard that the country is very friendly to immigrants.

Is there a way to emigrate to Canada with academic qualifications but no work history?

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You may be eligible to emigrate via the Federal skilled workers, as your Ph.D. would be 25 points of the 67 or more needed to qualify. In addition to education and experience, points are given for English and/or French skills, age, arranged employment in Canada and adaptability. You can check how many points you would have before applying to Canadian employers. The Government of Canada Express Entry tool has the information, contacts, and links that can facilitate settlement in the great land of Canada.


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You should inquire about the requirements for foreign-trained individuals to join the provincial professional body that accredits engineers in your intended province of residence. This is essential if you intend to work as an engineer in Canada.


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