In which of the following cities in Canada, it is easy to find part-time tech jobs for a CS PhD student?

  1. Saint John, New Brunswick
  2. Guelph, Ontario
  3. Windsor, Ontario
  4. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Also, please, tell me something about earning versus living expense ratio in those cities?


Your first place to look for this kind of information is the Statistics Canada website. For the 2006 census, it had information on employment by industry in each census metropolitan area (CMA), although I'm not sure whether it had the same in 2011. There should also be information about average wages in different CMAs, possibly per industry. If there isn't a comparison of the cost of living by CMA, the information about house prices by CMA may be available from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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I believe "2.Guelph, Ontario" should be easier as the current period (2017).

  • Would you be able to address the other part of the OP's question regarding finances in Guelph? – ouflak Dec 14 '17 at 7:14

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