After how long will my Schengen visa finger prints will be destroyed from the Schengen system?

  • Schengen visas, specifically type A airport transit visas and type C uniform short stay visas, are generally off topic here. Instead, you should ask at Travel. If your visa is a national (type D visa), the rules regarding retention of your fingerprints may vary from country to country.
    – phoog
    Mar 17, 2017 at 3:42

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On http://ec.europa.eu

How is my data in VIS protected?

Access to VIS data is limited to authorised staff in the performance of their tasks. They must ensure that the use of VIS data is limited to that which is necessary, appropriate and proportionate for carrying out their tasks.

Data is kept in the VIS for five years. This retention period starts from the expiry date of the issued visa, the date a negative decision is taken or the date a decision to modify an issued visa is taken. Any person has the right to be informed about his/her data in the VIS. Any person may request that inaccurate data about him/her is corrected and unlawfully recorded data is deleted.

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