I am a non-EU citizen, now in Poland. I want to get a temporary packaging worker job in UK.

What is the first thing I need to do now?

As I understand:

(1) Find a tier-5 sponsor company .

(2) Get a job-offer from that company.

(2) Apply for tier-5 visa for UK.

Am I correct?

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Your very question, asked at the same time on Quora, received this feedback from David Osofsky (Lives in the UK. Knows more than the average bear):

You have the order of events correct, but the problem is packaging workers are unlikely to be eligible for a Tier-2 visa. And there are no temporary work visas except for the Tier 5 visas, which are very specific, such as people under 30 from a small list of countries, entertainers, sportsmen, diplomats, or government exchange programmes.

The rules for Tier 2 jobs are that they must be a skilled graduate-level job that pays at least £30,000 or the salary required for the job category, whichever is higher. Also now, employers will have to pay £1,000 per year Skills Charge for each migrant they sponsor, which decreases the chances that the employer will sponsor someone from outside the EU rather than train a UK or EU citizen for the job.

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