I am an Indian undergraduate student living in Germany, and I came here to work on a research project which my undergraduate thesis is based on. My home university, however, is in India and I graduate from that program in June. Naturally, the residence permit I initially applied for was intended to suit that period and, therefore, expires on 30th June.

Meanwhile, I have applied to a few Master programs at German universities and given their reputation and generous fee structures, I am tempted to join one if the offer suits my circumstances. However, given that most universities only declare their results in July, I would not be absolutely certain about such a choice before my residence permit expires in June.

As it stands right now, I already have an offer from Humboldt University in Berlin, and if no better offers show up, I am likely to accept it. Given this situation, I would like to extend my permit in my current city of residence, while I wait for some other results and ready an accommodation arrangement in Berlin, or whichever city I may later move to.

QUESTION: Can I do so on the basis of my acceptance letter from Humboldt University (and proofs of other applications)? I am unsure how the rules or provisions within the German immigration code work for a situation like this, so any leads would be much appreciated!

PS: Please note that during this time, I plan to maintain my current residence. The period of this "transitional" extension would be no longer than 90 days, in any case.

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    At least you can go to the local immigration agency and ask them, explaining the situation. – Ex Patriot May 29 '17 at 10:42
  • How did you end up solving this? Did you contact your local agency? Maybe you could come back to post an answer helping future users in the same situation. – mts Jul 23 '17 at 12:59