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I'm a Turkish citizen, recently married to an Italian. I'm holding an Italian residence permit and I have moved my residency to my wife's address in Italy. Therefore I will be able to apply for italian citizenship after two years of marriage.

With my wife we would like to live and work in Spain for a while (let's say one year), without her moving her residency. Would I be able to work in Spain without losing my already existing permit in Italy?

Here we have some information but I couldn't find an answer to this specific question.

If I have to move my residency to another Eu country the procedure of getting Italian citizenship would require more time...


You cannot enjoy freedom of movement unless you are accomoanying or joining your EU family member. You therefore cannot get a Spanish residence permit under the freedom of movement regime unless your spouse establishes residence in Spain. You will not be able to work unless you have a Spanish residence permit.

It is unlikely that the two of you will be able to retain your Italian residency while you are not actually residing in Italy, and, in particular, it seems unlikely that you would be able to benefit from the accelerated citizenship procedure afforded to the spouses of Italian citizens who are living in Italy if you don't actually live in Italy.

To get a more authoritative answer, you may want to speak with an Italian or Spanish immigration lawyer.

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