Before anything I'd like to thank all the help you have provided.

I'm about to file the i-130 for my husband and this is the supporting evidence we are sending.

  • My birth certificate
  • birth certificate of our firstborn who passed away 3 days after birth (translated)
  • death certificate of our firstborn (translated)
  • birth certificate of our daughter (translated)
  • power of attorney my husband registered on my name to do various legal paperwork (translated)
  • marriage certificate (translated)
  • fiscal registry of the first apartment we bought (translated)
  • registration of a company we started 12 years ago, still active (translated)
  • 3 vehicle registration on my name with my married last name (translated)
  • 43 photos of most of our 13 years together.

We never used joint accounts, as my husband always pays the biggest bills and I pay the groceries and smaller bills. Do you suggest that we include the 3 affidavit letters? Do you suggest that I include anything else?

Thank you guys for your help, may god bless you all.

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