I am British and reside in the United Kingdom, so not technically an expat for the purposes of this stackexchange site.

Apart from meetup.com and social media, are there any other recommended ways to meet expats (who I can see regularly in-person), especially American/Canadian/Australian etc.

I know there are "ethnic enclaves", such as Chinatowns for meeting people who would be classified as Asian (by U.S. standards) but for other nationalities, such as American, Canadian, Australian etc. there isn't such a place.

I live in West Lancashire bordering on Wigan, Greater Manchester which isn't close to any major places where expats hangout nor is it located by any large towns, and London is too far to go to regularly.

I have no particular reason for meeting expats other than to broaden my social circle; most of my friends are British and white.

The main reason for doing this is as for meeting new people. I could use social media but that's an easy out, whereas meeting people in person takes a bit longer to build a relationship with and become friends etc.

I am new to all of this, so any advice is appreciated!


I know you said "apart from meetup.com and social media", but those are easy and practical ways to meet new people of all kinds, and most vaguely organised social activities are advertised in this way. You don't necessarily have to join expat groups (who BTW tend to welcome locals coming along too). Expats are inherently more likely to join social activities than locals because they will often lack a social circle when they first arrive and will want to integrate with the community. So if you like hiking, biking, playing football, cake making or anything else try those groups.

Otherwise, one way to meet foreigners and do some good at the same time is to volunteer for a group that supports refugees and asylum seekers. A quick google search found this group in your area: https://www.swapwigan.org/

  • Thank you for your advice,It's really helpful. However, wi-fi coverage isn't always good on the move, and I'm travelling about semi-regularly.. The only problem is finding where to meet American/Canadian expats in the area. (i can't afford/haven't got the time to visit the US/Canada right now so may as well try it this way to meet Americans!)
    – avenas8808
    Sep 3 '17 at 11:13
  • You could try Internations. It wasn't my cup of tea but maybe you'll have a different experience. Sep 17 '18 at 16:16

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