I have heard that more than 35% of the population in UAE is of South Asian origin. A significant number of them have being there since the 70s. So I wonder is there any possibility of getting a PR in UAE, so you won't end up spending there 30-40 years of the prime of your live and then forced back?

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    PR = Permanent Residence permit? If so, do spell it out; not everyone who visits this site (and searches it) would know the acronym.
    – einpoklum
    Sep 19, 2017 at 21:18

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only in February 2017 the UAE government has made it possible to apply for permanent residency. Unfortunately, the terms are very restricted--at the time, HH Sheikh Mohammed tweeted that the UAE will allow a new entry visa system for "entrepreneurs, pioneers and talented minds in the medical, scientific, research, IT and intellectual sectors."

If you do not fit these conditions, residency rights can also be granted by virtue of buying property or headquartering a business. But these need to be renewed every two years.

Currently, the UAE does not offer comprehensive options for permanent residency.

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