I'm an Algerian, 25 years old and I have a Danish residence permit valid for 3 months. Although I have an Algerian passport, the rest of my family (parents and siblings) live in Germany and they all have German citizenship.

Since my family lives in Germany, is there a way that I can be granted a German residence permit after the Danish resident permit expires? Could I apply for it without going back to Algeria?

If not, what are my chances of hiring an immigration lawyer?

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Since you are an adult, wishing to stay with your relatives is not a reason for Germany to grant you a resident permit.

You can get a resident permit related to a job, a study program at any Germany university or any refugee state protection...

  • How about hiring a lawyer?does it help for me to stay with parents? Sep 19, 2017 at 19:17
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    @KevinDrizzy hiring a lawyer won't give you any rights you don't already have. A lawyer might be able to inform you about a path to a residence permit that you didn't know about, or didn't know was available to you, or didn't know you could afford, but no more than that.
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    Sep 20, 2017 at 13:49

Your legal base as an adult relative is:

  • Aufenthaltsgesetz
    • Kapitel 2 - Einreise und Aufenthalt im Bundesgebiet (§§ 3 - 42)
      • Abschnitt 6 - Aufenthalt aus familiären Gründen (§§ 27 - 36)
        • § 36 Nachzug der Eltern und sonstiger Familienangehöriger

Commonly called "Family reunification".

The law basically says that family reunification for minors and spouses is allowed (§29), others only in specific cases of hardship (§36).

Those cases of hardship are decided case-by-case. Normally, courts will rule that the binding between parents and non-minor children are not of such a kind that separation constitutes a case of hardship. "außergewöhnliche Härte" (case of hardship) applies for example if the child cannot live a life of their own, maybe because of a (mental) disability, chronic illness or trauma.

Whether you can find a lawyer that is so good (or sleazy) that he can bend the law to your will, I cannot say. Maybe you can find some other option to stay in Germany that does not rely on your relatives already being here. Maybe you qualify for a blue card on your own?

  • Just being Algerian is no base for political asylum. You will be rejected.
    – nvoigt
    Sep 23, 2017 at 11:10

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