When I moved in to my apartment I signed up with KPN for Internet access (over the telephone cabling, so some kind of DSL I guess) + a phone account (which I don't really use). I didn't compare prices much, I had other things on my mind.

Searching a bit right now, I mostly find "all-in-one" packages - Internet, TV channels and phone; and the packages are advertised for their extreme speed, another thing I don't care about.

How can I minimize my costs for a plain-vanilla just-Internet connection?

Note: I suppose this could depend on my place of residence. It's Amsterdam; and my apartment seems to have the coaxial cable connection used for "cable TV" (I mean I see a coaxial splitter sticking out from a wall).

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From my experience, most providers do have the option for only Internet, you might just need to dig a little deeper into their websites. You can use this site to compare prices between different providers.


Personally, I have a contract with XS4All and I can say that the speed I am getting is quite consistent with what is advertised.


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