I'm going to stay in Australia for a long period and I really miss reading some book, but I'm not proficient enough to read novels in English.

Is there any Australian (online, most probably) book shop that sells foreign-language editions of popular books/novels? Being Australia such a popular destination for immigrants of any nationality, I'd suppose such a thing to exist. Specifically I'm looking for Italian ones.

I've looked online and I can find some shops of foreign language books, but they're often only educational material or books that were originally published in that language. What I'm looking for instead is popular best sellers that you would for sure find in a local book shop, but in Italian. As an example, where could I buy the Italian edition of an Harry Potter book, or of a George R.R. Martin book?

Of course, an alternative would be to buy a Kindle and e-books, but I'd prefer paper if there exists some way to find books.

If you know any local shop instead of an online one, I'm in the Perth area.


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Book Depository delivers world-wide in numerous languages. Shipping is included in the sale price.

Using the Harry Potter example, here is Book Depository results for Harry Potter in Italian:

The help page suggests that typical delivery to Australia is 5-8 days.

Ships from UK

Australia - 5-8 business days
Singapore & Hong Kong - 5-9 business days
New Zealand - 5-10 business days
United Kingdom - 2-5 business days
Ireland - 4-6 business days
Europe - 4-8 business days
USA - 5-8 business days
Canada - 5-10 business days
South America - 10-15 business days
All other countries - 7-10 business days


Libraries, especially the State Libraries, have foreign language books. Especially in Melbourne. Ask at a library.

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