I am a non-EU citizen currently living in Berlin on a post-studies 18 month job search visa, and looking into options to get a residence/work permit. I have the option to work remotely for a non-EU company based in Ecuador, and it is possible that they would like like to establish a presence in German

After reading a few related posts on this site, the most relevant one i could find was this: Residence/work permit in Germany when working remotely for US company without German subsidiary

I am currently in the talks with the Berlin Partners, on options for me to register here as a "temporary representative" of my company, and they have recommended that I speak to a lawyer (which i will). In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate any insights on what this application process would entail (for me, for the company) e.g. what documents are required (apart from a letter of authorisation and my contract), whether the company needs to pay any additional fees or charges apart from my social security and taxes), any recommendations of english-speaking law firms in berlin etc.

Any other recommendations on my situation would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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