My husband and I have been in the UK for more than a year studying a masters. My husband just got a job and has Italian passport (I am a non-EU), therefore i was thinking of applying for a residence card as EU spouse of a qualified person. I see that one of the things they ask is to prove dependency. How can I prove this? I was thinking of showing my husband's wage slip, is this enough or should I also show that he transfers cash to me? He hasn't done this yet since till last month we were financed by a scholarship... Additionally, about the "Comprehensive Sickness Insurance", my husband gets this by his employer but after the first 3 months of employment, therefore should he get a Health Insurance in the meantime or is it ok with what is stated in the contract? Thanks!

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It is not necessary for a non-EEA spouse to prove that dependency on the EEA spouse. See for example the guidance document Free Movement Rights: direct family members of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals (PDF), page 10:

A child aged 21 or over and any relatives in the ascending family line must prove they are dependent on the EEA national sponsor or their spouse or civil partner.

(emphasis added)

Note that there are two categories of relatives who must prove dependency; spouses are not among them.

Comprehensive sickness insurance is required only of students and those of independent means. See for example the guidance document EEA(FM): guidance notes (PDF), page 9:

Comprehensive sickness insurance (students and self-sufficient persons) 

Evidence of your sponsor’s comprehensive sickness insurance for any period in which they were a student or self-sufficient person, such as their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (formerly form E111), S1 (formerly E106/E109/E121), S2 (formerly E112), S3, policy document from a private medical insurer – see notes for sections 15 and 16.

(emphasis added)

Since your husband is a worker, he is neither a student nor a self-sufficient person, so there is no need to worry about comprehensive sickness insurance.

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