I have a bachelor's degree in agriculture and after that I am going to get a master's degree in IT (computer networking) by summer 2018, without getting a bachelor's degree in IT.

I have more than 5 years work experience in IT (computer networking and computer maintainer supervisor).

Can emigrate to Australia under the skilled migration plan? Is there any hope for me?

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There is hope. I successfully applied for permanent residency with

  • BSc Microbiology
  • PGCE Secondary Science Teaching
  • MSc Information Systems

I got the 189 visa as an Analyst Programmer. The MSc counted as

ICT major which is closely related to your nominated occupation

The first 2 qualifications were largely irrelevant though a degree of any sorts did count towards the points.

Best of luck with your application


Adding to Crab Bucket's example, the ACS accepted my 12-month computer science MSc (which I took after studying 3 years of history).

Details: Does my Masters Conversion course count towards the Australian ACS requirements?

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