I'm about to petition for my fiancée using a K-1 visa I-129F form. I noticed that they used to require a G-325A form (Biographic Information) for both the petitioner and beneficiary.

However, the G-325A form is no longer listed in the government's I-129F page, nor on the I-129F checklist.

Does this mean it's no longer required for a K-1 visa application? It appears that's the case but I just want to make sure before I mail the packet so I don't get it returned.

  • Where the passports photo has to be pasted in I 29F
    – Kelsang
    Nov 3, 2018 at 17:54

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That's correct. The 04/10/17 edition of I-129F (the only edition that is currently accepted) does not need a G-325A. All the biographical information that used to be asked on the G-325A is now asked on the I-129F itself.


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