I am Indian, have a permanent visa in Germany (not a passport) after marriage with a Romanian citizen. I have my business here.

Now I have some problem in India and I have to go back there. My question is if I stay for long-term in India can my PR status be cancelled?

If I don't take any money from government of Germany and I just ammelded here is it ok? And it is possible if I go to 'auslander behorde' and tell my problem gave my visa back to them and go back to and after many years if I had plan to move back to Germany they gave me my status back?

My record is here good I never take social or arbeitloss from German, I do always a work then open my restaurant. Whats the solution here, as I don't wanna loss my status ?

Note we do not live together. If I buy a property here like house and gave it to on rent and gave taxes to government maybe then possible or not ?



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