I am on a Tier 2 visa and going to apply for ILR in July. My wife was on a student visa and my son, born in tje UK (he is 5 years old now) was her dependent. I changed both my wife's and son's status to Tier 2 dependent about two year ago. Can I apply for my son's UK passport? I still have a Tier 2 visa until 2019. Can I only apply for ILR and leave my wife as a Tier 2 dependent?

If not, can I apply for ILR dependent after getting my ILR status?

  • I would suggest that you apply ILR for yourself first with your wife and son as dependents. They are currently not eligible for ILR. – The Last Word Jun 12 '18 at 19:38

You should consider using a solicitor with immigration expertise. Your case is somewhat complicated but the potential cost of making a mistake in this application is quite high and so, I think, justifies the extra cost of using a solicitor.

Edit: this question just resurfaced. To answer one point, your son is not yet a citizen and you cannot apply for a UK passport for him until he is.

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