I've been offered a job in Poland (Warsaw) and I have some questions before I accept it.

  1. I've been offered roughly 4,000 PLN per month + health insurance. Is this enough to have a confortable life in Warsaw (I'll be living alone in the first months)?

  2. In terms of housing, how does it work in Poland and what are the best websites to:

    2.1. Inform myself better about the local law.

    2.2. Flat rental listing websites.

    2.3. What are the best zones in Warsaw in terms of quality/price? I don't mind living in the suburbs and doing a daily commute, considering that I would be working in the city center.


  • I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but I'm an EU citizen (Portuguese).

  • If I accept, it would initially be for a two-year contract.

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