Let say I am a recent graduate in a technological field in 2018, for instance AI, and I want to work from 6 months to a lifetime in Australia. Having seen that most job offers require people to have a work visa, I have been visiting the work visas webpage of the Australian government. Then, one can't know if he has to apply for skilled visa with the SkillSelect program or another. Yet, for this program one has to be nominated by an approved Australian employer.

There seem to be a contradiction then : I can't present a valid working visa to a company asking me to have one if I have first to be approved for it.

Subquestion : do you know websites for Australian job offers for just graduated students ?


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You can ask your potential employer whether they are prepared to sponsor a temporary work visa for you. If they really want to hire you and are a large employer with the resources to sponsor foreigners, they can sponsor you for a subclass 482 visa (which replaced the old subclass 457 visa). These visas allow you to stay and work temporarily for a number of years.

Once you are in Australia and worked for that employer for a number of years, you can ask them to sponsor you for permanent residency via the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa.

  • While you can always ask, the unfortunate truth is that few companies will be willing to sponsor a work visa for a fresh grad with no work experience -- although graduating from a hot field like AI helps. Commented Aug 25, 2018 at 23:57

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