I'm a software engineer and I have 5 years working experience in the field. I just saw Employment Base Visa, for which I think I'm qualified to apply. But only one confusion I have is that before applying for this visa, do I need a job offer from a company in the USA or can I go without this, based only on my experience letter? Like in the picture below, this mentions a full-time job offer is required.

enter image description here

If a job offer is required before applying then how can I get this? I need suggestion and advice. Thanks.

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You will need to have the job offer first and then the company has to apply to the USA government for a visa for you.

There are scams and exploitative employers out there so be on your guard.

This site is global but has a lot of USA jobs and should flag ones with visa offered https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16735011

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