I am an Australian speech pathologist who has been offered a permanent full time position with the NHS. I am currently sitting on 40 points for my application for CoS although have been rejected several times due to the visa allocation requiring >46 points. Does anyone have any ideas of how to obtain additional points? Unfortunately my role was previously on the job shortage list although this is not the case at present.


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I am pretty sure the only thing that affects a CoS application is the labor market tests and the salary (e.g., https://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/permits/tier2/overseas/formalcosrequests/), but I cannot find the official website. You are presumably getting 20 points for the passing the resident labor market test and another 20 points for a salary between £40,000 - £40,999.99. to get to over 46 points you would need the salary to be £50,000 - £54,999.99 to get 30 points.

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