For matters of inheritance and Finnish bureaucracy I need a virkatodistus/elää-todistus, which proves that I am alive and thus can inherit.

I live in Denmark. The document provided by the Finnish maistraatti only covers the time when I lived in Finland. How can I get the relevant document?

I can think of three possible ways, one of which is expensive and slow.

  • Ask the Finnish Ministry of foreign affairs to procure the documentation. This costs at least 100 €. Reference.
  • Maybe the Finnish embassy could prove that I am alive if I appear there with a passport? I cannot find information concerning this.
  • Maybe the Danish authorities can create a relevant document. Since the Nordic countries are very good at accepting the documentation of each other, there is hope for this to be true.
  • 1
    Ask the Finnish embassy?
    – florian
    Aug 15, 2018 at 9:26


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