Currently, I live and work in Turkey with my Thai wife. I would like to move to Ireland with my wife. Is it hard to get a visa, how long does it take to get a visa and can we apply for the visa in Turkey or does my wife need to fly back to Thailand?

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You don't need a visa; your wife does.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service has quite a good website.

The visa she is looking for is a short-stay 90 day C-visa. See this page. That page doesn't give a timescale, but does say applications are "accelerated"; the normal C-visa page says "prepare your application three months before you travel" - so it should probably be less than three months (and might be a lot faster).

To live permanently in Ireland, she will need to apply for a "Residence card of a family member of an EU citizen" within those 90 days.

She can apply for a visa from the country where you are legally resident (which I assume will be Turkey in her case).


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