I was wondering if anyone has come across this situation.

I would like to move to Australia on a special category visa.

I have a New Zealand passport and I have dual citizenship with New Zealand(by descent) and South Africa. I currently reside in South Africa and I will fly from here, and I have never visited or lived in New Zealand. I will go for a medical exam and check for TB before flying (because I know they are strict about this!)

I believe most New Zealand citizens are granted a special category visa but I’m not sure if they are referring to residents of New Zealand or if having lived in South Africa will be acceptable.

Thanks so much. Jay

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    The rights of New Zealand citizens in Australia are based on citizenship, not residency.
    – phoog
    Sep 16, 2018 at 9:21

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You will be eligible for a special category visa upon arrival in Australia using your NZ passport. The only aggravating factors for that could be a criminal conviction. The fact that you have resided in South Africa won't have an effect on that.

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