I asked a similar question here about credit cards:

How can I (a US citizen) set up my bank/money when I move to Portugal?

From the answer there it seems like there are some cards that have no international transaction fees but there is always some sort of other fee(annual fees and hidden fees). I actually found a card that seems to have no fees:


but I can't get it because I live in the US and it hasn't launched in the US yet.

Besides finding a no fees credit card, are there any other ways that I can avoid international transaction fees? What about PayPal? Obviously I could carry a bunch of cash on me but that's probably a little too risky.


There are many US credit cards with no international transaction fees. You can use them while out of US and keep paying them from the US account.

See - https://www.creditkarma.com/credit-cards/no-foreign-fees

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