Please how many days can I be allowed to stay in china after my resident permit expires, can I stay 5 more days

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    Hi, in order for someone who knows something about Chinese resident permits to help, can you please clarify what kind of resident permit do you hold? The question title 'China permanent residence expiration' sounds contradictory itself. – B.Liu Oct 10 '18 at 15:01
  • there is a Permanent Resident card, so it's not necessarily a typo. But I doubt it matters for the answer. They are very concerned with regulating coming and going – Mike M Jul 11 at 18:17

The short answer with China is no, you can't overstay without penalty.
I don't know exactly what the typical penalty is for 5 days, or if it is different for your permit type.

  • But no, they don't generally have any "free" or "grace period" on visa dates.

At best you'll have a lot of hassle when you exit and pay a fine before you can go. At worst you might be jailed for some days and blacklisted for some years.

For a more official statement rather than just my word for it, here is the US State Department page on travel to China. Go down to the section "Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements". And here is another State Department page with more details on the same.

  • If you know you want a short extension for a specific reason, go to the police office that issued the permit and request the extension.

If it is requested far in advance, for a very short length, and for a specific event you can show evidence for, they might well give it to you.

  • Do you have an official source for your answer? – Traveller Jul 10 at 16:11
  • I can find something appropriate... just a minute; if you search this online, you can see very broad consensus as well – Mike M Jul 11 at 18:05

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