I have question about visas and working in Canada.

My wife is going to study in Canada for a year or two so me and our 2 children are going with her as so-called "dependents" on her visa. We currently live in Japan, and I work remotely for a Swedish company as a software developer. I was wondering if it's possible to continue working on my current job, and if so, what the best way to do that is.

This link (which if I understand correctly is the official authority on immigration) says, on the subject of what isn't considered work,

long distance (by telephone or Internet) work done by a temporary resident whose employer is outside Canada and who is remunerated from outside Canada;

.. which I take as "as long as you get paid to a non-Canadian bank account it's fine since it won't be considered work". But I don't know for sure that my assumptions about Canadian immigration law are correct and it would be nice if there is somewhere I can get an official and unequivocal answer to this instead of later finding out I'm in legal trouble. I also don't know if "funneling" my salary through a non-Canadian bank account into a Canadian one is considered perfectly legal, or if going about it this way will close any doors when it comes to getting another visa in the future - I'd rather pay taxes in Canada and get paid into a Canadian bank account since that will be cheaper, more convenient and feel more reasonable but that seems to be a dealbreaker.

Is there somewhere I can get a confirmation that this is a valid approach? (or does anyone know a reason why it wouldn't be?)

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