I have been in the Uk on different visas for nearly 12 years now and have been married to an EU citizen for 4 and a half. Am i now allowed to apply for a permanent visa? if so what do i need ?

Thank you in advance for the help, Legal fees are ridiculously expensive :)

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If you meet these requirements, you are covered by the Immigration (EEA) Regulations and the freedom-of-movement directive that they implement:

  • you live with your spouse in the UK
  • your spouse is not a citizen of the UK
  • your spouse is working (including self employment), studying full time, or self-sufficient

(There are some other qualifying circumstances involving people who require personal care.)

If this is the case, all of the following are also true:

  • You do not require a visa or other permit to remain in the UK
  • You are eligible, but not required, to apply for a residence card of a family member of a union citizen as evidence of your right of residence in the UK (the card will lose its usefulness after the UK leaves the EU, after the end of the planned transition period)
  • when the settled status scheme opens, you will be eligible to apply for either settled status or pre-settled status, allowing you to remain in the UK indefinitely.

Legal fees are ridiculously expensive :)

The application fee for the residence card and for the settled status scheme is £65. You probably won't need a residence card. The total cost of this route is therefore at least a thousand pounds lower than the ILR route.


If you meet the residency requirements, you can apply for ILR on your own merit having lived 10 consecutive years legally in the UK.

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