My friend has a problem in Austria. Because of construction works he needs to leave his appartment as soon as possible.

My question is, what are his options? He is looking for something cheap (up to 300 euros), because he stays there only few days a month.

Is it possible to register an address at some kind of hotel/pension/motel? I researched this, but couldn't find anything conclusive.

  • I really hope this is the right site to ask this. I've seen similar questions. But if there is other place to ask this, can someone please point me in the right direction? – Armin Nov 24 '18 at 15:59
  • Is he living in Austria? Or having to register for a long term visa? If so, it belongs on our sister site for Expatriates. I will move it for you. – Willeke Nov 24 '18 at 16:09
  • A bit hard to answer with the current information. But in any case, you need to be aware that the registration is not (only) for having an address for eg. official letters, but to say where the person usually lives. If your friend needs an apartment only for some days per month, what happens in the other time? And what is/was the status of the old apartment (rented etc., and also just some days per month there)? – deviantfan Nov 25 '18 at 0:25
  • Yes, I am aware of that, and that's what he need an address for. He's lived most of his life there, but recently he's spending a lot of time in other countries. This is not relevant to the address thing, it's only relevant because it means that he doesn't want to pay a lot for an appartment. His old appartment is being renovated, which is emergency, and his land-lord has ordered everyone from the building to find a new place as soon as possible. Not sure if that's legal, but he says it is, because it's emergency. – Armin Nov 25 '18 at 12:34
  • 1
    I've just done so successfully with an airbnb host, but that was in Germany, not Austria. – gerrit Nov 28 '18 at 11:55

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