Until 2 years ago, I was working in Europe. I returned forever to my home country, India after closing all my accounts there. Now, I am notified by the Tax Administration of Europe that I have a tax refund which I can receive if I report my new bank account number to them. The European Tax Authorities can accept my new bank account number only in a defined form (form 7208e) which has text boxes only for IBAN and SWIFT. There is no text box for mentioning my personal account number. My bank is India advised me to leave bank, the box for IBAN because anything written the transaction will not be processed. There is no IBAN for bank accounts in India. What could be done so that my account gets located by the Tax Authorities for remittance of fund?

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    What is the Tax Administration of Europe? Taxation is the responsibility of member states. – gerrit 2 days ago
  • Do not give them any bank account numbers or similar information until you have checked this. – Patricia Shanahan 2 days ago

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