I'm an EU citizen, so as far as I know I can relocate and apply for job in Ireland without needing a permit.

I have read a few places that in order to rent a home in Ireland, you need a reference from the previous landlord, a reference from the employer, and bank details to prove I can pay.

Since it will be my first home in a foreign country, I cannot get a reference from a previous landlord.

Regarding the employment, I would like to have a home first and establish a proof of address, before looking for a job if possible. So I cannot assume I have job by time I'm looking for apartment.

Regarding the money I have enough money to live for a year (or maybe two) based on the cost of living information I found on web (even if I'm a bit pessimistic). How can I prove I can pay? Is it enough if I can login to my online brokerage accounts or netbanks to show the money I have there? Or do I need something more official? Or is it required to have the money in the Irish bank?

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