I'm a student at a free private school called 42. "42.fr" is the name in France and "42.us" is the name in the USA. I am actually at 42.fr in Paris and I want to transfer to 42.us (near San Francisco). My school is ok with that, but they do not provide any help for us to get a visa. I can't apply for a student visa because 42.us is not an accredited school. My other option is a tourist visa, but because the US immigration is really strict I want to choose the best visa for me.

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  • What is your citizenship? What passport or travel document do you carry? – David yesterday
  • @David I only have a French ID card that's why I ask you for what visa I need because I never traveled outside of France – Dream 23 hours ago
  • Without a travel document or passport, you will be unable to travel internationally. – David 11 hours ago

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