This is purely theoretical question.

Is it possible for a Luxembourg citizen to be restricted from traveling abroad, i.e. the person cannot leave Luxembourg borders? (like it is the case for certain people in some countries, e.g. Russia)

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    The legal jurisdictions I am familiar with typically restrict the freedom of movement under some circumstances, such as when someone is awaiting trial. I do not know specifically about the laws of Luxembourg.
    – phoog
    Dec 27, 2018 at 15:09

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In general Luxembourg does not forbid anyone from leaving the country.

A court may impose restrictions on someone leaving, for example if they are accused of a crime. Excepting those with a legal right to reside in the country, there is no guarantee that a person will be admitted back after leaving.

  • Just to note that a citizen of a country always has the right to reside in that country, and Luxembourg is a signatory to the relevant international agreements (UDHR) that state this. Also, Luxembourg can revoke a citizen's passport, effectively ending their ability to cross into another country by a controlled border or board an airliner. There might be other ways to prevent someone from leaving as well....
    – ouflak
    Jan 2, 2019 at 9:42

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