I am living in Mumbai, India and I am Indian national working as a risk analyst at a leading Swiss investment bank. Through internal mobility, I landed my first job as a quantitative analyst within my organization, at Wroclaw Poland.

My employer would be filing for my work permit (there is a vendor that does it on the company's behalf). I have submitted my work experience certificates and educational docs. The vendor sends a request for date to local immigration office. Once a date is obtain, the relevant documents for the work permit are submitted.

However, since 22 November, 2018 - they have still not received a date for submission from immigration. Is there a particular reason why, there would be a delay?

Thanks, Quasar.

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    Have you asked the company that is filing for the work permit? They obviously do this on a regular basis, and must know what the likely hold-ups are ("Christmas" springs to mind). – Martin Bonner supports Monica Jan 8 at 9:19

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