The F-2 is a resident visa. With such a visa, one can stay up to 3 years in Korea and can work and have a business and after 3 years, is eligible for a F-5 visa (permanent resident).

Eligibility to F-2 visa is determined through a point system taking account age, education, income and Korean proficiency.

How is Korean proficiency assessed for the F-2 visa?

This website explains that it is determined by the S-TOPIK level. What is the S-TOPIK? Is it the same as the "traditional" TOPIK test? In that case, how is the score at the TOPIK test related to the points for the F-2 system?

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    As explained on Wikipedia, S-TOPIK was the 'standard' test (as opposed to business B-TOPIK) prior to 2014. The difference between S- and B- were removed in 2014. – mkennedy Jan 13 at 19:30

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