I have a question regarding blue card.

I am currently an intern at a company X, and I have an Internship visa. It will expire on 31.01.2019.

I got a job offer in a company Y, where I am supposed to start from 1st Feb, to which I have applied for a blue card today. They said I must get a decision in 2 weeks. Hopefully before 31st Jan. In case I don't get the decision for my blue-card before that, what are my options?

Any way to extend or get a temporary visa?

Extending my internship at X isn't really an option, they won't be happy to extend my visa for 15 days or so.

Any suggestions and insights will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome, Arjun! "They said I must get a decision in 2 weeks." Who is they? The government? The new company? Or is it that you should (will probably) get a decision in 2 weeks? – mkennedy Jan 14 at 19:11
  • Meanwhile, this question may be closed because it's about a long-term visa and is a better fit on our sister site Expatriates. I've flagged it for migration. – mkennedy Jan 14 at 19:12
  • Thank you very much. They = Government . – Arjun Acharya Jan 14 at 20:27

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