There is an American in Manchester that has been stuck there for almost a year. He lives in the U.S. He has no proof of ID with him. What does he need to do to get a picture ID so he can get a plane ticket home?

  • What is his nationality? – Patricia Shanahan Jan 31 at 9:42
  • American. Born in Ohio – S Potts Jan 31 at 9:44
  • @S Potts What ID did he use to enter the UK? Has he contacted a US embassy in the UK for advice? – Traveller Jan 31 at 12:07
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    And please do not just answer in comments - update your question. – Jan Doggen Jan 31 at 12:12
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    Has this American asked you for any money? – mkennedy Feb 1 at 5:35

He should contact his embassy for a passport or an emergency passport. In the case of an American citizen, that would be:


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