I'm resident in the UK and have been for around 1 year, moved here from EU (Belgium) and currently driving in the UK with a UK registered car, insurance etc on the Belgium licence (declared as EU licence to the insurance company).

However I obtained the Belgium licence by exchanging an "accession country" (e.g. Bulgaria) licence at a time when the accession country was NOT YET a member of the EU (but is now)

Can I drive indefinitely on the Belgian/EU licence in the UK in this circumstance, or exchange it for a UK licence? OR do I need to re-take the test in the UK since the original licence was issued "outside the EU" (at the time)?

Example text: (https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/parking-transport-and-streets/residents/eu-and-non-eu-licence-holders)

European Community/European Economic Area EC/EEA

A full, valid driving licence from an EC/EEA country allows you to drive in Great Britain (GB) until you are 70, or for three years after becoming a resident, whichever is the longer period.

If your driving licence has been previously exchanged from a non-EC/EEA country you can drive for up to 12 months from the time you first became resident. After this time, you must exchange your licence for a British one.

Other, slightly different version: (https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q416.htm)

Please note that someone can drive in Great Britain for only 12 months if they got their EU licence by exchanging a non-EU licence.

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