I am from India and working in Bahrain as a technical draftsman.

In September, a German company took me to Germany for an interview and I passed it. Once I returned to Bahrain, I got a job offer from the German company situated in Schopfhiem (Lorrach district) as a Technical Draftsman and a gross salary of 50,700 Euro. The HR asked for my certificates and experience certificates, so I sent them my secondary school leaving certificate and experience certificates. I don't have a degree, I have only secondary school leaving certificate but I have more than 8 years experience in this field.

The HR sent all my documents the head office situated in Stuttgart, so they contacted me for some other details and I sent them all related documents later. I was told that I need Federal Employment Agency approval for visa processing and the company applied for it on 3 December. Until February 5th, there was no news about it, so I sent an email to HR in Stuttgart and was told that because I don't have a degree, my first application was rejected and they applied again, showing that I am right candidate they are looking for.

Is tere any hope for getting approval? How many time can I apply for FEA approval? Has anyone without a degree gone through this process?

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    I don't have any definitive answer, but a German HR department would not bother reapplying if they believed the application was hopeless. They have probably been told that they put in the wrong sort of application, and are retrying with the right one. Good luck! (The Wiesental is a lovely place if you like hill walking.) – Martin Bonner Feb 11 at 9:42
  • mate thanks for giving some energy to be patient – BINOY AMBATTU Feb 11 at 16:48

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