This is my first post in this community. Not sure if this is suitable to ask this here.

I am a software developer in the Research and Development section of a Pvt Ltd company in India. I want to move to Australia with a permanent resident visa (or not). I have taken the IELTS and got overall band 7.

I understand that I need to retake the test. But even if I do get a higher band and get PR, I won't feel secure to move to a different country (rather continent) without a job.

How can I get a job in a foreign country before moving there?

I am trying LinkedIn day-n-night but no luck getting a response.

Any suggestions?

I know this might sound like duplicate of this question, but it is not. That question ends up telling that there is no way of getting job from outside. Here I am asking how to get a job from outside. :P

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    What you can do is have some savings to cover you there for 6 months or so and then look out for a job there. People are more likely to hire you if you are in the country. And get any job while you can so that you are not depleting your savings entirely. – Dipen Shah Feb 12 at 18:20
  • @DipenShah While that's true... I am looking for what can be done to find a job from India. I agree if I won't find a job from here I will have to take up the above said way. – RC0993 Feb 12 at 19:19

LinkedIn is the best way to get a Job for professionals. There are chances (very low) that you get a interview call from Linked despite having no PR. This would require your skills in particular field of work which might attract employers to contact you. There are n direct way of getting a job offer from another country if you are not worth it

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  • I agree to that, Which is why I had started with the jobs portal of LinkedIn at the first place. Did not work for me. Are there other Job portals which Australian companies refer to and I can apply through there? – RC0993 Feb 13 at 11:11

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