my husband is currently filing the applicaton for EEA family permit from outside the UK. The form is so confusing and I wonder if there is a guide that explains these questions.

I was suprised that the form never asked about my financial situation, as I am the EEA worker in the UK.

the form is asking the same questions in differnt sections. Nothing seems to be straight forward, and questins look rather unorganized.

Who can help out of the maze?

  • The form does not ask about your financial situation because your financial situation is not relevant to the right of free movement. All that matters is your citizenship, your family relationship, and, if you've been in the UK for more than three months, that you are "qualified" (which you are because you're working). The form is indeed a mess. You can ask specific questions here, but you're not the first, so you might want to look around first. – phoog Feb 14 '19 at 8:10

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