My son Joseph received his Illinois drivers license 18 months ago. Since he has double nationality French/USA, he applied to exchange his Illinois permit for a French permis de conduire.

We received a temporary drivers license from Nantes but they have now said we have to prove that he has lived in the US for one year. I understand that proof of residence is not needed if he is bi-national. Can you confirm this information?

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The webpage Échange d'un permis de conduire passé à l'étranger (installation durable) has a dedicated tab for French nationals.

It explicitly mentions that among the required documents, you must provide a proof of (former) residency in the country that has issued the foreign driving license.

Copie de justificatif(s) de résidence dans le pays de délivrance de mon permis à la date de sa délivrance (185 jours au moins sur l'année civile d'obtention du permis, avec attaches personnelles et/ou professionnelles). Par exemple, attestation d'inscription et radiation des registres consulaires, contrat de travail et fiches de paye, attestation de scolarité et bulletins de notes, etc.

Therefore, it seems that your understanding that a proof of former foreign residence is not needed because your son is a French national is incorrect.

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