I have a specific question regarding the time-frame of cap exemption granted for former H1-B visa holders. I have read various conflicting/confusing articles on this online that the time-frames become muddled due to verbiage.

I have held a H1-B visa from October 1, 2012 through June 6, 2014 (20 months & 6 days) when I resigned my job and left the USA for PhD studies elsewhere. Having completed the PhD, I am now interested in returning to the USA for work. I am currently looking for employment in for-profit private companies different to original one that sponsored my original H1-B visa.

The questions are:

  • Until what calendar date am I exempt from capping for my next H1-B visa?
  • If a company does indeed sponsor a H1-B, how long will the newly issued visa be valid for?

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