I am a non-EU citizen. Recently, I received an invitation for an interview (IT position) from a company in Porto, Portugal. I will be visiting them on a Schengen-business visa. If they make the job offer and if they are willing to help with the visa processes, can I apply for a residence permit right away? or will I have to exit Portugal and re-enter again?

  • If yes, does it differ from a residence permit I would get through a National Visa?
  • What are the perks of entering Europe in such way?

  • When bringing my spouse to Portugal, will the SEF of Portugal give permission letter?

  • After few years if I ever have to change job/ move to another country, will my visa status cause problems? (I read the person would be stuck and the entire process would start again and the person will have to exit and re-enter).

  • If I stay for 5 years, would I be able to apply for the Permanent Residency and get a passport?

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