I am working in Luxembourg as contractor and recently got selected for Master Programe here. My employe resident permit expires in year 2020 but to study I should raise request to convert my visa into Student Resident permit and in that case I will not be eligible to work here. Once I resign from my job I will have to serve 2 month notice period and in that time they might ask me to stay here and work for 2 months or move back to my country and serve 2 months notice period there. In case my company asks me to go back can I take my resident permit with me, serve notice period , come back join college and then apply to convert my Employe resident Permit to Student Resident Permit? Looking forward to your responses.

  • As this is about two different long term visa, I think you best ask your question on our sister site, Expatriates. I will move this question for you. – Willeke Mar 17 '19 at 18:09

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