Someone claims they were granted asylum in Canada and showed a document briefly. While it is easy to find Canadian citizenship certificates samples online (and I happen to have one too) I can't find any such document for asylum. How does this work?

  • There must be some sort of residence permit, but I can't find a source mentioning one. – phoog Jun 15 '19 at 3:50
  • I was hoping maybe someone who was granted asylum would chime in with their experience. – chx Jun 16 '19 at 3:09
  • I know a few (long since naturalized) resettled refugees, but I do not know any asylum claimants as far as I'm aware. – phoog Jun 16 '19 at 16:06

One document that they might receive is called a Refugee travel document. They are similar to passports but are issued in the name of the country where the asylum seeker is claiming refuge. Canada is also supplying these documents and they look like the following:

Refugee Travel Document

Note that this document is only needed if the refugee wishes to temporarily leave Canada, so in general asylum seekers might not possess them. If they do however it is an official document.

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