I live in Germany since July of last year (2018), and I have never been here before and now I need to declare the taxes. One of the questions, when you are filling the form up is "Did you live abroad for extended periods of time in 2018?". Should I answer yes or no?

I'm trying to do the taxes on Tarfix app and if you answer yes they are not able to proceed, but I don't know what should I answer.


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You should answer "yes". Between January and June of 2018 you lived abroad. I don't know what the exact definition of "extended period of time" is, but six months will be included.

I think you will need to engage the services of a Steuerberater[in]. The one we uses charges on the basis of our income, and saves us more in additional allowances than we pay her. See this price schedule (in German, but Google translate works fine).

Ask friends/colleagues for a recommendation - most Germans will use one.

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